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4 Tips for Great Results with Country Heat

When most people think of country dancing, they aren’t usually imagining their workout for the day. They picture great music, moving their body to the beat, and being social (umm, yeah, that might mean a cold beer, too). Lucky for us, celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix, has skillfully combined the music, friends, and fun together with calorie-burning moves into our new country-dance inspired workout Country Heat. And this way, you’ll actually earn that adult beverage for the weekend!

“You’re going to get your heart rate up, but that’s not what you’re going to be focusing on,” says Calabrese. “You’re going to be focusing on what a good time you’re having, and that’s why this program will succeed where others have failed you — you’re going to want to keep coming back for more.”

I’ve been doing the Country Heat dance workouts and let me tell you this: prepare to sweat. Will you be jumping in the air? Nope. Will you be lifting weights? Nope. Will you be moving nonstop and burning calories? Yes and Yes. What’s even better? You’ll be using your core, moving your arms, and working your legs. I. Was. Amazed. (And let’s be real…I’m a pretty fit chick, so that’s saying something.)

How awesome is this?!!?  In just 30 minutes a day, we will work up a sweat, target our core, and have a blast dancing ourselves away! Follow these 4 tips to maximize your results with Country Heat:

  1. Push Yourself with Every Move
    As with any workout, the key is to make every move count. Always perform the most difficult variation of a move you can, and always with control and good form. If you can follow Autumn’s lead in every dance move, high fives to you! But if you find the primary move too tough, follow the modifier demonstrated by cast member Julie. It will be less complicated, but it will target the same muscles. “The key is to challenge yourself,” says Calabrese. “If you push yourself, and have fun while you’re doing it, you will see results.” Bottom line: Don’t half-ass it!
  2. Follow the Eating Plan
    “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you can’t out-exercise a bad diet,” Autumn reminds us. “If you want to see results, you have to align your eating habits with your workouts and your goals.” How are you going to do that? Autumn has created an eating plan based on the same portion-control system she introduced to us in 21 Day Fix. Those snappy little colored containers really do work. Be humble and give them a try…I expect you’ll be rewarded with great results like I was. New for Country Heat are tasty country-inspired recipes that spice it up while you burn it off. Bottom line: Working out isn’t an excuse to throw crappy food in your body!
  3. Be Consistent
    “The moves are designed so that anyone can do them,” notes Autumn. “But there’s a progression to them — they become more complex as you work your way through the program.” Stay consistent with your workouts, and you’ll master the moves faster. “That consistency is also the key to reaching your fitness goals,” she adds. “If you want to see results, you can’t skip workouts — you have to be committed and consistent.” But, you already knew that. And it’s good to hear it again. Bottom line: You actually have to show up like the calendar says!
  4. Watch the Breakdowns
    Each workout comes with a easy-to-follow tutorial option to help you learn the moves BEFORE you start the workout. Sure, it requires a few more minutes that first time you meet a new workout on the calendar schedule. But let me please refer you back to Tip #1, “Push Yourself with Every Move.” When you don’t yet know the components of a dance move, you can’t very well “push yourself.”  Trust me. I skipped the breakdown tutorial on the second workout, Giddy Up. Baaaad decision. Instead of saving myself time, I actually LOST time because I lost out on a good workout while I bumbled through trying to catch on. Autumn is dead-on accurate, “The more proficient you are with the moves before you begin the workout, the more you’ll get from it.” Bottom line: Unless you’re a dance-off medalist, eat a slice of humble pie and watch the move breakdowns first.

It’s time for to you to grab a friend and join us…clearly, we are better together!! In just 30 minutes a day, we will work up a sweat, target our core, and have a blast dancing ourselves away! Our success depends on YOU….we need you to go “all in” with us. Let’s turn up the music, and burn off the pounds! That gristle hanging on to my midsection from too many cheats NEEDS TO GO!! Don’t leave me hangin’…order your Country Heat today!