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I Left My Abs at the Party Saturday Night

{Dialing hotel.}

{Hotel answers phone.}

Me: Have you seen my abs?

Hotel: Pardon me?

Me: I’m sorry, I should be more clear. I was at your hotel Saturday night for a big shindig, and I believe I left my abs there. Did your staff find them perhaps while cleaning up the ballroom?

Hotel: {click.}

Okay, okay…so I didn’t reeeeally make this phone call. But, seriously, it’d be kinda funny. Pretty sure it wouldn’t take much bribery to have my middle schooler dial them up. Probably not within best parenting practices, however.



So here’s the story.

It was a big weekend of social events for us: Friday night reception, Saturday luncheon, Saturday night big fancy hotel ballroom par-tay, and a Sunday night BBQ to finish it up. Do the math….that’s FOUR food-centric affairs in 48 hours. And believe me, they weren’t serving raw kale and sprouted seeds.

Not that I ate horribly. I was within reason for a party atmosphere. Let’s be honest here…my social eating splurges may very well be still healthier than what many Americans eat on a regular old Wednesday, but that’s another blog post altogether. {insert mental note to self.} And did I mention there was no kale?

Chicken Quesadilla Cones… Walnut & Feta-topped salad… Roasted Veggies, no shortage of oil… Roasted Potato Quarters… Salmon with Cream Sauce… half of husband’s Multi-Grain Dinner Roll… Fresh Waffle Cone filled with Mint Chip Ice Cream… a few bites of Death by Chocolate Cake…

So here’s the bottom line: I feel blech. I feel bloated. I feel foggy. I feel… not the way I like to feel.

I prefer to feel… Strong. Lean. Energized. Clear. With kale. That’s my ideal, my happy place.

fitness-woman-3Now about the abs. Let’s not embellish reality. I don’t have the 6-pack of a fitness model. {True confession: this pic ain’t me, sister.} I don’t have the need to have the 6-pack of a fitness model. But I do have a bit of abs… they’re there. At least, I know they are. And that’s what matters.

I repeat…that’s what matters.

What matters is how I personally feel. Not how someone else hypothetically would feel. Not how someone else believes I should feel. Screw all that. My feelings count for me. His feelings count for him. Her feelings count for her.

Today is a new day, the start of a new week. The big weekend packed with social events has passed, and it was indeed a blast. And so today I return to eating the way that supports how I prefer to feel… Strong. Lean. Energized. Clear. With kale.

And before next weekend, I expect I’ll uncover my abs that got left behind.


P.S. If you need help locating your abs, I’m a pretty decent finder. Even without kale.