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In Love With My Skin!

You know those blessed individuals with radiant, clear, glowing skin?  Yeah, I’ve never been one of them.  But guess what?  I’m a whole heck of a lot closer today than I was 30 days ago!!

All thanks to Derm Exclusive.  (Love you!)

So about 6 months ago, Beachbody acquired the Derm Exclusive skincare line.  My husband suggested I give it a try.  No offense was taken but his suggestion.  Honestly.  The poor guy has watched my skin erupt with blemishes week after week for much of my adult life.  And worse than that, he’s heard me complain about it for much of my adult life.

But, as you know from my beginnings with P90X, I’m not usually a jump-right-in kind of girl.  I tend to observe first.  And that I did.  I watched other Beachbody coaches and customers use Derm Exclusive, and… I liked what I saw.

But still I was skeptical.  I had tried many different skincare products (both high-end and drugstore varieties) in hopes of reducing breakouts and fading the discolorations.  I was always disappointed, and worse, still relying on make-up to hide the imperfections.

And then the day came.  The day I decided to put some hope into Derm Exclusive.

I placed an order for the 30-day trial kit, full of cautious optimism.


Right away I fell in love with how my skin felt!  The products are so gentle and nourishing, there were immediate improvements.  After one week, a quick snapshot proved that it was working.  I was hopeful.  I was excited.  I was… almost hooked.

The clencher for me: getting through a full month of hormone changes, which always wreak havoc on my skin. I’ll cut to the chase: ONE.  Just one small blemish on my chin.  And it left as quickly as it came.  Say whaaat?

After 38 days (that’s how long my 30-day trial kit lasted), take a look for yourself.  Less red.  Less spotty.  More clear.  More radiant.  More glowing.  More polished.  More the me I like to be.

p.s. No, these aren’t glamour shots.  They are raw, up-close self portraits snapped with my iPhone.  I’m aware of the crazy-eyes look, thanks.

Derm 30 day trial Fall 2012

And it’s such an easy routine!  No time-wasting regimens with Derm Exclusive.  Quick, simple, easy.  Watch my video on applying the products:

Does Derm Exclusive Work? Yes!

So look what came next!!  My 90-day Derm Exclusive package.  (Love you, Derm!)

90 Day Kit

p.s. That magical pen??  It’s a wrinkle eraser called “Fill & Freeze.”  More to come…

If you can relate to my skin struggles, the 30-day trial kit is definitely worthwhile.  As always, it includes a 30-day money back guarantee.  Here’s to a clearer, more radiant you!

Live fabulous!


Your Fit Family Coach