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Hi! I’m Rachel Wallace,

Fit Family Coach and Creator of Fit Family Bootcamp

I help individuals and families build new habits so that they can lead fit, fulfilling, and fabulous lives. A teacher by trade, I teach the simple, daily habits that you need to reach optimal health, and sustain it for life.

Have you ever felt self-conscious or embarrassed of your body? I was asked at age 19 by a nurse administering allergy shots if I was pregnant because of my belly pooch. No, not pregnant. But now even more self-conscious.

Have you assumed your body wouldn’t ever change? We often look to our family history to seek answers for our struggles. My mom had always been overweight, so I figured it was my genetic makeup. To top it off, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) in my late 20’s, a symptom of which is weight problems. How could my body possibly change when I have a hormonal disorder fighting me?

Have you made excuses for your body and habits? After two kids, I accounted the extra weight to “being a mom” and “baby weight.” Our weekly habits of fast food taco Tuesdays, Friday night take-out pizza, and Saturday lunch drive-thru burgers & fries were justified by being too busy to cook and deserving a treat after a long work week. Excuses.


You are not alone.

This was me, too! And I want to share my story to help you.

Growing up as an overweight child and adolescent, I struggled with my body image. I scoured magazines for “secrets to hide belly bulge” and “tips for thin thighs.” Believe me, I read it all and tried it all. I dieted my way through high school and college, and regularly put in 2 hours a day at the gym, plus running. You’d think I would have developed a rockin’ bikini body. I did not.

The ultimate solution finally entered my life 15 years later after having our two children: Beachbody at-home workouts and Shakeology daily. Although I was stubbornly resistant at first, before long I was hooked. In well under one hour a day (plus no dressing for and driving to the gym) and with the best whole-food nutrition, I was finally seeing the results I had adamantly believed would never be mine. The nutrition tools taught me all the food misconceptions that had sabotaged me for years, and I learned how to prepare restaurant-quality food that fuels and protects my body.

Together with my husband, I workout at home for roughly 30 minutes each morning, eat a plant-based diet with minimal packaged foods, and drink a delicious superfood shake each afternoon. We enjoy real food, feel energized, live unencumbered by limitations, and are raising our children as health ambassadors for their generation (because let’s be honest, the health statistics predicted for Generation Z aren’t pretty).

For the first time, I feel confident about my body, and that life-changing inner transformation has spread like wildfire to all facets of my world. And that’s not even the best part! My success helped many of my nearest & dearest find a solution for their struggles, too.

Words that describe me:

  • Organized, planner, budgeter
  • Loyal, volunteer, homebody
  • PCOS success
  • Organic, non-GMO, whole foods
  • Mom of high achievers and sensory kiddo
  • Family-first entrepreneur

I’m excited to help you build new habits, and live a healthy, fulfilling life!